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We are a family based company providing you with the very finest in top quality bronze plaques at affordable prices.


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Here’s What We Offer…..  

  • Bronze Plaques
  • Plaque Accessories
  • Bronze monuments

and much, much more…….


  • Stone Memorials
  • Renovations
  • Commemorative Plaques


  • Granite Plaques
  • Ceramic Photos
  • Consultancy

Buy Direct Without Leaving Your Home

We understand your time and money is extremely valuable and that’s why when dealing with us, you will receive a first-class service which includes:

  • A quick turnaround time so you won’t be left waiting
  • An easy and simple ordering process that won’t leave you confused and frustrated
  • Competitive market prices for premium quality
  • 25 years experience in the industry delivered back to you in service, quality and price.

We Also Offer A Personalised Service

We can work with you to help design and cater a plaque or memorial suitable to your own personal needs.


We design quality plaques so your loved ones can be remembered with dignity and honor.

We can custom make a plaque to suit any of your needs, including size, image, design etc.

Article 1 - Death of a Loved One - Purchasing Bronze Plaques

Here is what some of our clients had to say.. Click here for more testimonials
"Your professionalism, commitment to quality service, efficiency in turnaround time for great artwork and empathy is very much appreciated by me and my family - Thank You!".
Thanks again Regards
Grace - 03/08/2010
  Dear Bianca,
We are very pleased with the memorial you did for our Mum.
It is beautiful; Thank you, and the people involved with creating such a beautiful thing. Thank you again,
D F Wylie - 14/06/2010
  Hi Bianca,
Thank you for the wonderful customer service and beautiful plaque.  The process of arranging the memorial plaque for our loved one was handled with the utmost patience and sensitivity and I can’t thank you enough for that
Sofie – 02/12/2009


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