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Our Conditions and Terms:

All plaques remain the property of Bronze Memorial Plaques, until such time as the plaque has been paid in full by the said purchaser.

All materials and workmanship guaranteed for a period of 20 years. NOTE: The warranty is not effective until the Monument is paid for in full.

Granite and Marble must be generally considered in a relative sense as these materials are a product of nature and are subject to variations in colour, veining and spotting so therefore we cannot be responsible for such variations. Please ask for sample if in any doubt.

Balance of all monies due to be paid on completion of work.

Balance of all monies due after 30 days shall carry an interest charge of 15%.

In the event of any proposed cancellation of this contract, I/We hereby agree to pay Bronze Memorial Plaques...such amounts as shall be demanded by Bronze Memorial Plaques being that firm's reasonable cost and expenses incurred to the date of such proposed cancellation, and until payment thereof I/We shall remain liable for the whole Contract Price offering here-on.

Bronze Memorial Plaques reserve the right to affix their nameplate to the finished Monument. NOTE: Warranty is void if nameplate is removed.

I/We will not use the absence of bronze fittings and/or other ornaments ordered on my behalf from overseas to delay payment of the completed part of the contract.

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