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We are committed to providing the general public with the finest quality bronze plaques at very affordable prices.

It is also our aim to provide high quality service at a time of difficulty.

We feel there is a real need for our services as the general public needs to be able to have the option to purchase plaques or memorials other than from just a cemetery.

Throughout this web site you can take your time to browse and view many plaques and memorials at your leisure and not be hassled or pushed into a regrettable or expensive sale. We are able to supply our plaques Australia wide and overseas into almost every cemetery.

Bronze plaques have many uses including memorialisation, sign age, identification and commemorative applications - just to name a few.

View many styles of bronze plaques and memorials. Make contact with us via email regarding any particular plaque or memorial that you may be interested in and we will provide you with all the relative information regarding that particular plaque or memorial.

We can also help you to design a plaque or memorial that may be more suited for your personal needs.

We guarantee to reply to all enquiries within 24hrs from receipt of your email

Proudly Australian Made Plaques....

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