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ARTICLE 1 - Death of a Loved One - Puchasing Bronze Plaques

The Death of a Loved One – Purchasing Bronze Plaques

In this article I will discuss purchasing and placing a Cemetery Plaque or more commonly known as a Bronze Memorial Plaque.

Hello, my name is Robert Starc. This is the first article I wish to write in a series of articles discussing memorialisation and personal loss. I have been involved in this industry (Monumental Stonemason) for 25 years and have seen many people grieve at the loss of there loved ones. I have also experienced the loss of my own father back in 1995 and can relate to many of peoples experiences in this matter. I do believe that after the death of a loved one there is an obvious grieving period which we all go through and deal with in our own way. A memorial is the final affair we have to do for our loved ones and for many people, in some way, can help bring a type of closure to our grieving.

So let me move on and discuss placing a Cemetery Memorial for your loved one. You will have the option of either adding a headstone or a bronze memorial plaque to the grave-site depending on the rules for the cemetery and how much money you can invest in one.

Bronze Memorial Plaques can come in many different colours and sizes and in this article I hope I can help walk you through your best options for picking out a beautiful bronze plaque for your loved ones grave-site.

One of the first steps in choosing a Bronze Memorial Plaque
is for you to determine the type of plaque you wish to chose and how much money that you can spend for a plaque. Bronze Plaques range in type and price and can cost anywhere from around $250 and up, this can depend on a number of items including:

  • the type of plaque you purchase (i.e. standard plaques or sculptured plaques)
  • the size of the plaque
  • amount of text
  • emblems
  • cemetery fees

If you do not have a great means of money to invest, it might be best for you to purchase a cheaper plaque for now and just replace it in the future if you are ever able too.

The place of purchase is also a very important
issue. Some places that sell plaques will usually try to compete with other companies and so you will want to shop around for the best price. We at Bronze Memorial Plaques have been selling Bronze Plaques for over 10 years now and I “Robert Starc” have over 25 years experience in the memorial industry. We offer a full service and you can browse our web site to view many different styles of Bronze Plaques. We can also arrange for your plaque to be delivered almost anywhere in the world and placed in any Cemetery – Australia Wide.

Warranties are offered on certain plaques and many organisations will offer a lifetime warranty for using their services to order the plaque. Cemeteries will probably want the amount paid in full before purchasing the plaque and may have a limited selection. At Bronze Memorial Plaques we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our plaques and if your budget is constricted, we also offer payment plans for many of our plaque range. We can also custom design your plaque giving you a larger selection of what cemeteries offer for the choice of plaque for your loved ones.

Keep in mind the following items may be required to be selected before purchasing a plaque.

The Cemetery can be a good place to start when purchasing a plaque. As mentioned above many cemeteries offer only a limited range of plaques, but they can give you information on the type and size of Bronze Memorial Plaque that you can place on the Cemetery Grave. Then you can shop around for the best option of plaque for your loved ones. Remember cemeteries are not the only place from where you can purchase a plaque, plaques can be purchased from any monumental stonemason also through our website - shop around for an option that suits your needs.

The colour of the plaque may be important to you. Plaques will usually come in the standard brown colour but can also come in many other colours such as brick, blue, gray, and more…please see our colour chart on our website for more colour options.

The plaque may also come with certain designs or emblems on it. Choosing am emblem can reflect our loved ones personal lives. There are also plaques with checker designs, roses, and many other features on them. Check out our large range of emblems

Pictures are great but not required to have on a plaque. Most companies will charge more for adding a picture and others may use a picture in place of a symbol that comes with the plaque. If you choose to have a picture added to the plaque, they can range from around $150 and up depending on the size of the photograph

Plaques can also come with a vase and you can add an extra one if you need too. The cost of the vase varies but you will get at least one with your order of the plaque. There are different size vases and designs for you to choose from. I have learned that the smaller size vases will often match better with the plaque but may not be a great choice if you have a large family that will want to add a lot of flowers to it. If you happen to have a lot of people who will be adding flowers, two vases might be your best option depending on your budget.

We at Bronze Memorial Plaques will be able to help you customize a plaque that fits your needs. Don't be ashamed to let us know you are on a specific budget, we have had many clients who only have a certain amount of money to spend and we have catered for there needs. Please see our client testimomials

Things can become overwhelming while you are trying to choose a memorial plaque, that is why many of our clients have found our service to be an easier way to purchase a Bronze Memorial Plaques in the comfort of there own home through our Web site

Please remember this is probably one of the most difficult times for you right now and choosing a bronze plaque may take some time and consideration. Some people choose not to have a plaque or headstone placed at the grave-site until the one-year death anniversary so that it gives them time to grieve and to save the money. There is also some families and religions that don't do this until the one-year anniversary at which time they have another gathering similar to the burial so that everyone can see the unveiling of the plaque and even give a small speech about their loved ones passing and remembrance.

Even though it is hard to place a plaque at the grave-site of your loved one, a plaque may help you when you do visit the grave-site. My brothers and sisters would hardly go the cemetery after our father died but once the memorial was placed it was much easier to visit the site to view an actual memorial and not just a patch of dirt.

Know that each person is different and each person grieves differently and through my own personal experience and 25 years of being involved in this industry, I can understand this more than most…

Thank You

Robert Starc



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"Your professionalism, commitment to quality service, efficiency in turnaround time for great artwork and empathy is very much appreciated by me and my family - Thank You!".
Thanks again Regards
Grace - 03/08/2010
  Dear Bianca,
We are very pleased with the memorial you did for our Mum.
It is beautiful; Thank you, and the people involved with creating such a beautiful thing. Thank you again,
D F Wylie - 14/06/2010
  Hi Bianca,
Thank you for the wonderful customer service and beautiful plaque.  The process of arranging the memorial plaque for our loved one was handled with the utmost patience and sensitivity and I can’t thank you enough for that
Sofie – 02/12/2009


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